Seattle and Explosions!

So last nights show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle was off the Charts.  What a Great Venue, sound guy and bands.  If you haven’t been there, go Check It Out!  Our thanks goes out once again to Oriya for hookin us up with the show and to Urban Collapse for being Kick ass dudes.  Check em both out. 

After the Show we all cruised back to the rehearsal space.  Aram and Karl left to go home.  It was about 2:30am.  And all of a sudden there was this loud noise and the power went out.  I thought someone had hit the telephone pole outside.  Andrew rushed to get his flashlight just in time for the power to come back on.  So, myself, Andrew and Jami went outside anyways to see what had happened.  There was nothing out there.  Well, it was time for me to leave and as I was getting in my van I heard tires screeching and then saw this car hit something on the road right outside of the rehearsal space…I ran over there to see a tree fallen across the road!  The this poor girl had run right into it.  Andrew came rushing out with his flashlight.  We got the Girl to move her car back and turn on the Hazards on.  Andrew was quick thinking and got us all to move back into the driveway and thats when he showed me the Transformers on the telephone pole next to the  tree and car were on Fire!  The tree must have fallen and hit the power lines causing a fire…  As soon as we got into the Driveway the first transformer exploded in all of its 4th of July glory…And then the second went right after with a much louder bang! I called 911 and Andrew went inside and got some Road Flares to put out so no one else would hit the tree.  The police showed up and were taking care of it…It was nap time…hahaha…But all in all we were quick thinkin sons of bitches…..

I’m glad everyone was ok…And I’m glad it was a KICK ASS Show in Seattle…Thanks to all who came out to support us and check out our New Tunes we debuted last night…I’m glad it was a Great Party…

Thanks Again,